Welcome To Our Store!

Are you interested in exploring high quality food options? Does your dog need a leash & collar to keep him by your side? Whatever you need, we offer it in our retail lobby. We carry many varieties and brands of goods, from KONG® to Lupine®. Our staff will be more than happy to help you pick out what you need. Feel free to browse at your leisure.

What We Offer

Food & Treats

Whether you need high quality dry food for your dog, or canned wet food for your cat, we can provide you with the sustenance your animal needs to stay healthy and have a full tummy. All our food products are premium-quality brands, made in the USA. Our primary selection consists of Royal Canin® and Purina Pro Plan®. If you don’t see what you want, please ask our receptionist to custom order it for you!


Toys & Chews

Need something to help your pet occupy their time? Pick up a cool toy from our selection that will really put some spunk into their life. Or, if they prefer snuggly stuffed animals to help them relax, we have those too! We also have a selection of rawhide bones and chew sticks, plus an assortment of cat toys.


Nothing is more important than making sure your pet is safe. Whether you need a regular leash and collar or a special training one, we can provide you with what you need to keep your pet by your side. We sell Lupine® brand leashes, with a lifetime guarantee. If your dog decides to destroy the leash, you can return it and choose another at no charge!

We also sell specialty leashes like Easy Walker® and Gentle Leader®, recommended for dogs that love to pull while on leash.

Bathing & Grooming Supplies

A clean pet is a happy pet! That’s why we offer a wide selection of shampoo, including hypo-allergenic formulas. We also carry a large variety of supplies to keep your pet well-groomed, including brushes of different styles depending on your dog’s hair type, Furminator® brushes for high-shedding dogs, nail clippers and ear cleaning solutions.