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Noah’s Ark Veterinary and Boarding Resort is a state-of-the-art pet boarding facility. We justify our “resort” status because our exceptional, experienced, caring, and responsible staff will pamper your pet! We provide a wide variety of additional services such as comprehensive veterinary care, daycare, professional grooming, do-it-yourself dog wash and a wide variety of pet supplies including a broad range of high quality dietary options.

Our 12,500 sq. ft. facility is enclosed with an 8 ft. high security fence that surrounds 15 daycare play yards, 2 play-time outside corridors and over 60 outdoor runs. We boast a boarding capability of over 200 dog accommodations.

Far away from the dogs is our separate cat boarding area! Twenty seven three level cat condos contain a comfy hiding box, and access to multiple toys and catnip. When your cat has no neighbors above or below them, they will be free to explore one or two extra spaces within the condo.The calming effects of Feliway Plug-Ins and soothing music adds to creating a comfortable atmosphere.

We are also able to board small animals including ferrets, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Required Vaccinations

It is Maryland state law that all cats and dogs are up to date on their rabies vaccine. No services are provide to pets without proof of rabies.

DOGS: Bordetella (Canine cough), Rabies, Distemper, Canine Influenza H3N8 and H3N2
CATS: Rabies, Distemper

Provide us with proof of vaccination for dogs against rabies/distemper/bordetella/influenza at least 10 days prior to entry into boarding; cats – rabies/distemper.

No service provided for female dogs that are in heat, aggressive dogs, and un-neutered male cats

Our Boarding Features

Sanitized living quarters and service areas
• During each walk, we sanitize the inside and outside portions of each run, the outside runs, all cat condos and the floors. Accommodations are also sanitized when any “accidents” occur.
• All walls and surfaces are regularly cleaned, rugs vacuumed, and laundry rotated throughout the day.

Climate-controlled living quarters
• In addition to heating and AC, we also have heated flooring for the colder days, and high-powered fans for warmer days.

Check-in and check-out 7 days a week
• Pick-up after 11 AM accrues a half-day charge
• We are closed to the public on New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
• We close at 5 PM the day before each holiday. Unless that day falls on a Sunday, then we will be closed to the public.

Night shift staff for surveillance, maintenance, and pet care (during peak season)
• Night shift employees are not permitted to unlock doors, answer phones, or assist customers before or after normal business hours.
• Monitoring includes twenty-four hour a day digital monitoring with fire and smoke detectors, motion detectors, and CCTV video surveillance.

Fresh water bowls and feeding three times daily
• Pets always have clean water to drink.
• You are welcome to bring food and treats from home. We request separated portions and instructions. Alternatively, for a small fee, your pets will be fed Royal Canin Low Fat Gastrointestinal diet

Ample kennel bedding
• Your pet will have all the comforts from home with plenty of soft, fleece bedding – enough to tunnel and snuggle!
• We also provide therapeutic memory foam bedding for arthritic dogs or those with orthopedic issues.

Tons of toys!
• We have a variety of plush, fluffy, squeaky, or durable toys for your cats and dogs to enjoy.

Kennel treats (if allowed)
• Feel free to bring special treats from home; we are happy to provide brand name Milk-Bones for dogs and Temptations for cats.

Dogs go out at least 3 times daily

• Cabins –  each dog is walked to an individual run outside, allowed some time to do their business, then walked back to their kennel.

• Runs – the door to your dog’s run is open to the outside portion of their run.

• When temperatures are between 65-85 degrees, run doors are left open, allowing your dog to go in and out as desired

• We leash-walk dogs who only use the bathroom on grass or while walking

Departure service bath
• If your dog stays 5 or more nights, they will receive a  complimentary bath!
• We can also provide baths upon request at a fee, one day prior pickup.

Additional attention options
We offer a variety of add-ons to make sure your dog has the best stay possible. All add-ons can be done up to three times a day and charged per pet
Playtime $6.50
Dogs- we will take your dog out to one of our playtime areas for 10 minutes and have some fun or snuggle time with them, whichever they prefer.

Cats- 10 minutes of brushing, petting and feather toy play.

Leash walks $2.00
Dogs are exercised around the perimeter of the buildings where multiple grassy areas are found.

Cuddle Time $4.00
One on One snuggles for your pet for 5 minutes

Text Photo $1.50 
A photo of your pet sent to your mobile number

Stuffed Kong $3.75 – $4.25
A Kong filled with peanut butter and treats for enrichment during your dog’s stay

Bed Time Package: $16.50
1 Frosty Paw, 1 brush out, and 1 bedtime story

Athletic Package: $20.50
2 Playtimes, 1 Busy Bone and 1 nutritious treat.

Spoiled Rotten Package: $27.50
2 Playtimes, 1 Stuffed Kong, 1 Frosty Paw, 1 brush out and 1 bedtime story.

Senior Package: $16.00
Therapeutic Bedding, 2 Leash Walks, Free administration of medications up to 2 eye/ear drops and 3 pills twice daily. Insulin is not included in this package.

First Timer Package: $9.00 additional each day of boarding
Daily Cuddle time, daily Leash Walk and daily  Zylkene calming supplement

Happy Camper Package: $16.00 additional each day of boarding
Daily Cuddle time, daily Bedtime Story, daily Frosty Paw and daily Zylkene calming supplement

All packages include a daily text photo!

All add-on rates are in addition to normal boarding rates. All prices and services on this web site are subject to change without notice.

Other Services:

• Do-It-Yourself doggie wash
• Kennel baths (anything from a wash and wear to a deluxe bath)
• In-house grooming services
• Administration of medications you provide during boarding
• Playtimes up to 3 times a day
• 10% discount for long term boarding (14 nights or longer)
• 20% discount for long term boarding (28 nights or longer)
• Special request (upon management approval)
• Individual services: i.e. nail clipping, nail grinding, pad trimming, etc