As cute as it may sound, making a decision to place your pup in Doggie Daycare is a huge step for any pet owner. Much of the anxiety is due to “fear of the unknown”. Daycare participants range from puppies to senior citizens and behaviors follow the same pattern from being laid back to jumping off the walls!

At NAVBR we want to ensure the best fit for both new enrollees and regular attendees. Nowhere is there a doggie daycare program available that can guarantee your pet will not get into a scuffle, be injured or harmed by another dog in the same yard. However, NAVBR is committed to take every precaution possible to ensure every attendee is happy and safe. This is where our 10-day introduction program comes into play. By taking baby steps, we increase the chance of a good fit. Within this process a new enrollee’s progress is monitored and nature takes its course as new friends are introduced and a potential yard is discovered.

The daycare staff keeps a record of progress throughout this 10 day period.  If they feel that your pet is not a good fit at any time during this period, they will explain why and refund any unused daycare tickets and evaluation fee.  This does not mean that you are restricted from using any other of our services.  This only applies to our daycare program unless stated otherwise, or problems are encountered in other departments as well.

Since some dogs may show signs of anxiety during an overnight stay, we will not evaluate a dog while they are boarding. Also, due to the ever-changing roster of potential playmates, we require the evaluation to be completed within a 2-month period. After 2 months, we require your dog to repeat the evaluation process in its entirety.

Here is a detailed description of how the daily process works:

DAY 1: What Is This Place?

The first day is about getting comfortable with all the new surroundings and people that will be taking care of your pet. We will take them on walks around the facility and near the play yards to assure they are used to all the noise from other pets as they get acquainted to the kennel environment. Your dog will also be introduced to the entire staff so they are as comfortable as possible with our facility.

DAY 2 & 3:  Pleased To Meet Your Acquaintance!

We start the introduction procedure with prospective play mates. We will do this by taking them for walks with one other dog at a time and giving them a chance to sniff one another while on lead. This will be done throughout the day while rotating pets from a prospective play yard.

DAY 4:  Mano á Mano

Your pet is taken into his/her new yard with one of their new friends at a time, where they will have a supervised play session while off leash. The friends are rotated throughout the day as well as the staff supervising them until all dogs in that same yard have had a chance to play with your pet.

DAY 5:  Baby Steps

It’s time for the mini-group session where your pet is taken into a yard with only half of the group. This day is crucial in determining your pet’s comfort level with several dogs.  The daycare staff will be present in the yard with them as they romp. Staff may be rotated accordingly.

DAY 6: Baby Steps, Part Two

We will place your pet in a yard with half of their potential group. A daycare staff member will be present outside of the yard to make sure that your pet is as comfortable with this group as he/she was with us in the yard.

DAY 7: Spread Your Wings

At this point we will revert back to the process done on day 5, except a full yard will be used. A technician will be in the yard so that your pet is as comfortable as possible.

DAY 8: Spread Your Wings And Fly

On this day your dog will once again be in a full yard. A technician will be present outside of the yard to ensure your pet is as comfortable with their potential buddies as they were on day 7.

DAY 9-10: What Wings?….I Have Paws!

Almost there! Now your dog will be in the yard with a full group for a full day. Throughout the day, a staff member will come into the yard, play a bit with everyone, then take a random dog out of the yard. We observe your dog’s behavior regarding a dog leaving, as some dogs are over-eager to go home and will try push their way out of the yard. After waiting a moment, we bring the chosen dog back into the yard for the same kind of test: some dogs are yard possessive and won’t let other dogs enter in peace.

Once your dog has completed this evaluation, they will go right in with their buddies and be there all day, weather providing. We will be more than happy to provide you with reports on their progress. Please feel free to come visit to watch them play at any point during or after the evaluation period.