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Please be advised that we require proof of vaccinations ten days prior to boarding. It is Maryland state law that all cats and dogs are up to date on their rabies vaccine. No services are provide to pets without proof of rabies.

The required vaccines and options are:

DOGS: Bordetella (Canine cough)/Rabies/Distemper, Canine Influenza H3N8/H3N2
CATS: Rabies/ Distemper

Provide us with proof of vaccination for dogs against rabies/distemper/bordetella/influenza at least 10 days prior to entry into boarding  ; cats – rabies/distemper

Vaccine records can be faxed to (410) 969-6334 or emailed to

All prices on this page exclude veterinary services.  Please call for questions regarding our Veterinary services and prices.


Small Animal $18 per night
Cat Boarding $28 per night
K9 Cabins $41 per night
Indoor/Outdoor runs $43 per night
Deluxe Suites $70 per night

Additional pet’s sharing an accommodation will receive 20%  off the base rate. Felines are not applicable for  discounted rate.

5+ night stay = 1 Free Wash-and-Wear bath or 20% off of selected bathing upgrade or scheduled grooming while boarding

Long Term Boarding*:

14-27 night stay 10% off regular price
28 nights or longer 20% off regular price

*Advance payment required.

Kennel Food:

Gastrointestinal Dry Food $2.00 per feeding
Gastrointestinal Canned Food $2.50 per feeding
Gastrointestinal Dry mixed with GI Wet $3.00 per feeding


Other Services:

 Playtime Session (10 minutes) $7.00/session (up to 3 sessions a day)
 Additional Leash Walks $2.50/walk (up to 3 walks)
 Frosty Paw Treat $2.50/treat (up to 3 a day)

Canine Pet Pampering Packages

All packages include a photo of your pet via text message.

Bed Time Package – $18.00 per day:
1 Frosty Paw, 1 brush out, and 1 bedtime story

Athletic Package – $22.00 per day:
2 Playtimes, 1 Busy Bone, and 1 nutritious treat.

Spoiled Rotten Package – $30.00 per day:
2 Playtimes, 1 Busy Bone, 1 Frosty Paw, 1 brush out, and 1 bedtime story.

Senior Package- $19.00 per day:

Therapeutic bedding and free administration of medications up to: 2 eye and ear drops twice daily and 3 pills twice daily.

All package rates are in addition to normal boarding rates


Fees are $2.00 to $7.00 per application ranging from simple application to difficult application.

Examples of different applications;

  • Up to three pills per administration is $3.50
  • Ear and eye cleaning application is $5.50
No service provided for female dogs that are in heat, aggressive dogs, and un-neutered male cats.